3 top national parks in the USA

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If you’re visiting the USA, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to visit and things to do. Across the continent there are several stunning national parks where you can visit to hike, swim, stay and explore, opening your mind to some of the most incredible sights and sounds you’ll ever experience.

For our round up of three of the best national parks in the US, read on below:

1. Yellowstone national park

The Yellowstone national park spans three states, including Montana and Idaho, although it mostly rests in Wyoming. The park boasts dramatic scenery, including canyons, lush green forests, hot springs and alpine rivers. It is home to hundreds of species of animals, where visitors have the opportunity to see bison, bears, wolves, antelope and elk. One of the most famous features of the park is its geyser, Old Faithful, which can erupt as high as 180 feet for between one and five minutes.

2. Zion national park

Zion is based in southwest Utah, recognisable by its steep red cliffs. There’s a stunning scenic drive you can do right through the main part of the park, winding down to the trails along the Virgin River, which flows into the Emerald Pools. The pools lead into breathtaking hanging gardens and waterfalls which are beautiful to admire and swim in.

3. Grand Canyon

One of the USA’s most famous national parks is the Grand Canyon, much of which is based in Arizona. With a huge range of view points throughout the Canyon you can have your breath taken time after time, from so many different locations – one of the most popular being Lipan Point, which offers stunning views of both the Canyon and the winding Colorado River.

The views across the canyon, especially at sunrise and sunset, are a must see. There’s so much to do, from exploring the top of the dramatic cliffs of the canyon to taking a helicopter ride across the top of the canyon – or jump in your kayak and sail down the Colorado River.

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