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ESTA Application

If you are looking to travel to the United States for business or a holiday, then you will need to fill out an ESTA application. Here, the service is streamlined and efficient, to take away all the stress and hassle of filling out an ESTA application. The entire US Visa application is online, and with our help, you can be sure that all of your information is correct. We cannot guarantee acceptance of your ESTA visa application, as this is determined by the United States Department Of Homeland Security. We can, however, ensure that your ESTA application is error-free, and the process of the ESTA visa application is much quicker and more efficient. With our help, you can ensure that your American visa application will be handled quickly, and everything will go to plan.

What Is An ESTA Application?

Under a program introduced in 2009 by the Department of Homeland Security, the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation), is a security measure to help grant access to the country for tourists and business professionals travelling to the US. This lies under the Visa Waiver Program, which allows the government to focus on more pressing issues that are of higher risk. Currently 38 countries are eligible to apply for an ESTA visa under the Visa Waiver Program, which streamlines the entire process, as opposed to seeking a B-1 or B-2 Visitor Visa through a US Embassy or Consulate. While this entire process is designed to be far more efficient, it still adds a layer of security for the country.

Do I Need To Fill Out A US Visa Application?

If you are travelling to the United States as a tourist on holiday, or on a business trip, then you may be able to apply for a US Visa application. A visa (whether this is an ESTA or a B-1 or B-2 visitor visa) is required by law to gain entry to the United States of America for security measures. Before you travel, it is important to fill out a US Visa application. While it cannot guarantee entry to the United States even if accepted, as this lies with Customer and Border Control officers, it is a legal requirement to obtain a visa before travelling.

How Long Will It Take For My ESTA Application To Be Accepted?

In some cases an ESTA application can take just a minute to be accepted, but the US government recommends applying for an ESTA Visa 72 hours before your planned travel date. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances where an American visa application can take longer or can be rejected. It can also be sent back for edits if not filled out properly, which is where our proofing services come in handy – we will ensure that all of the details are filled out as accurately as possible prior to being sent for approval.

When Do I Need To Fill Out An ESTA Visa Application?

While the US government recommends a period of 3 days prior to travelling, we would recommend that you fill out a US Visa application as you are putting together your travel plans to the US. This is due to the fact that some ESTA visa application attempts can be rejected if you do not meet the specific criteria. In this case, you will need to apply for a regular US Visa, which is a much lengthier process.

What If I Need Help With My ESTA Application?

If you need to help with your ESTA application, then we can help. If you have a new passport, have changed your name or gender, or any of your other personal details, we can handle all of the changes for you as soon as you provide us with the information.

Do I Need To Fill Out An ESTA Application If I’m Just Passing Through?

Many people are unaware that if you are just passing through the United States, you still need to fill out an American visa application. This is particularly important if you are stopping over before a connecting flight to another destination, such as Mexico. There are no other programmes in place currently to cater for travellers that are stopping over, so it important that you fill out an ESTA application prior to boarding an aircraft or boat to the United States.

What Are The Advantages To Filling Out An ESTA Application Here?

Using a third party like ourselves can have a number of advantages when it comes to filling out an ESTA application form. Instead of having to worry about monitoring your own application and filling out a number of lengthy forms, we will do all of the hard work for you. In order to use our services, all you have to do is fill out our quick, initial ESTA form with your important details, and we will do the rest. When you use us, we can help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes that are found on a US Visa Application, so the entire process is as smooth as possible.

What Information Do I Need For My US Visa Application?

When it comes to filling out an ESTA form, there are a number of basic requirements and eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to have your US Visa application approved. Firstly, your basic biographical, personal information is required, such as your name, date of birth, where you are looking to travel to in the US and also your standard passport details. Alongside this, you will be asked a number of questions in order to determine whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria of an American visa application laid out by the law. There are other questions involved when you fill out an ESTA form too, which will relate to criminal record, any problems obtaining a US visa in the past, whether or not you have dual nationality with particular countries, and whether or not you have travelled to certain countries since 2011.
For more information relating the requirements of the ESTA visa application, dictated by the US Visa Waiver Program, visit our FAQs.