How Long Does An ESTA Last?
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How Long Does An ESTA Last?

When you apply for an ESTA and you are accepted, the visa will be valid for a period of 2 years. This means that you can travel freely to and from the US, for a period of up to 90 days at a time, as often as you like within this two-year period. Throughout this time period, you will not have to reapply for a new ESTA with every trip.

What If My Passport Expires

If your passport expires prior to the two-year period that the ESTA is valid for, then you will need to reapply for a new ESTA. This is because you must travel to the US with both documents, and they must match up.

How Long Can You Stay In The US With An ESTA?

While you may be able to make multiple trips across to the United States within the two-year period that the ESTA lasts for, you must only remain in the country over a time period of up to 90 days with a single trip. There is not a lot of leniency when it comes to overstaying the 90-day period, so it is important that if you are looking to stay for longer than 90 days with one trip, that you ensure you obtain the appropriate visa before your trip.

Can I Extend My ESTA Visa While I’m In The US

You cannot extend your ESTA Visa while you are located in the US, as authorisation must be achieved prior to travelling and entering the United States. If you overstay on your visa, it is highly likely that you will be banned from being able to apply for an ESTA again, and in some cases, you may be refused entry on the border in the future.

Are There Any Other Stay Requirements?

While there are no set requirements in terms of the length of time a person can stay in the US, there have been some reports of a person needing to wait a substantial length of time between visits if they have visited the US for a complete 90-day period in one visit. This will be determined by the Customs and Border Protection Officer, who will set a ‘reasonable length of time’ between stays. This is for security measures to ensure that people are not using the ESTA as a way to enter the country, and then work or live there without the appropriate, relevant visa.