Soak up the winter sun in the USA

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Whilst some people enjoy the snowy weather and shorter days, many of us are keen to escape to a warmer climate in the winter months. With numerous locations to explore, the USA may be the ideal place to enjoy a winter holiday.

Perhaps most popular with winter sun-seekers is Florida. Miami, in particular, receives numerous visitors throughout the winter months and, with temperatures of up to 23-26 degrees Celsius, it’s easy to see why! Whilst the warmer weather is a draw for many, Miami has a wide range of tourist attractions which are open all year round.

Similarly, Hawaii is a popular choice for winter breaks. Although these months can be wetter than the rest of the year, the days are still warm. For those who want to enjoy sandy beaches and high surf, Hawaii is an ideal destination at any time of year.

If you’re looking for rustic charm, you can’t beat Texas for a winter break. With warm temperatures, long days and lots of sunshine, you can visit local ranches or even opt for a dedicated horse-riding holiday. Due to the number of visitors, the state is well-equipped to cater for all types of holidaymakers and has numerous excursion opportunities.

Planning your trip

Whenever you travel from the UK to the US, it’s important to remember the documentation you’ll need. As well as making sure your passport is in date, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve made the appropriate arrangements regarding your visa.

As UK citizens are qualified to enter the US under the Visa Waiver Program, you’ll be able to apply for an ESTA visa. Known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA enables you to travel to the US for a period of up to 90 days without a standard visa. With ESTA registration far quicker and easier than the application for a traditional visa, you should find it simple and straightforward to plan your trip.

Do you have an e-passport?

Although UK citizens will need an e-passport in order to obtain a US ESTA visa, it does make it far easier for you to travel and reduces the level of documentation required when you’re travelling to the US.

Whether you’re travelling to the east or west coast, it’s vital that you meet the relevant requirements or you could be denied entry to the country. To find out more about completing an ESTA form or making an ESTA application, why not contact us today?

Photo: Miami BlueS by kud4ipad licensed under Creative commons 2