Top 5 things to do in the Grand Canyon National Park

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The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is a plethora of gorgeous colours and landscapes that is filled with a million and one things to do during your stay. From tours from the air to hikes and incredible things to see, there is something for every visitor in this vast and staggering place.

Mather Point

Any trip to visit the Grand Canyon wouldn’t be complete without stopping to take in the sights from Mather Point. Mather Point is a scenic viewpoint along the South Rim of the canyon that is conveniently close to the visitor centres. This overlook is the first stop for many visitors and so offers the first glance at the sheer enormity of the Grand Canyon. This particular viewpoint is known for its staggering views as the skies change colour at sunset or sunrise.

Bright Angel Hiking Trail

The Bright Angel trail is one of the two most popular trails in the Canyon and offers breathtaking views and along with plenty of rest stops that offer drinking water and shade. The trail runs from the Grand Canyon Village down the 4,380 feet to the beautiful Colorado River. If you plan to take in the sights, this is a trail you do not want to miss.

Grand Canyon Village

The Village is the visitor hub of the Grand Canyon. Here you will find everything you could ever need to make the most of your stay including shops, restaurants and transport; all alongside the dramatic views.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Located at Eagle Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk allows you to experience the Grand Canyon like never before. The Skywalk features a glass bridge that suspends guests a staggering 4,000 feet above the riverbed providing unbelievable views across the landscape. If you’re bowled over by the magnificence of it all, you can even take the time to stop off for lunch, cold drinks or snacks.

Helicopter sightseeing

The helicopter tours of the Canyon are an exhilarating way to experience the ins and outs of the landscape from a whole new perspective in luxurious comfort. The sightseeing tours take you over the 1.6 million acre Kaibab National Forest, shows you gorgeous views over the Painted Desert and takes you through the widest and deepest area of the Canyon – the Dragon Corridor.

The Grand Canyon offers something for every visitor to help you to make the most of your stay. To get started with planning your great escape, submit your US ESTA VISA form online here.