Top 5 US cities for St Patrick’s Day celebrations

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It’s often said that St. Patrick’s Day, the national day of Ireland, is celebrated with more fervour in the US than even the streets of Dublin. If you were to visit certain US cities on the 17th March, you’ll see that this could well be true. We take a look at the best cities to experience St Patrick’s day in the US and why visiting at this time of year is a great idea.

New York

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, it makes perfect sense to ensure you’re there for March the 17th. New York hosts the world’s biggest St Patrick’s Day celebration (bigger even than Dublin’s) with a mammoth six-hour parade that dates back to 1762.


More than 16% of the residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, claim Irish heritage. This is more than any other city in the US and as result, they know how to party. Often overlooked as a destination in general, Pittsburgh is a US city that’s well worth visiting. Home to the famous Carnegie Natural History Museum, numerous art galleries and performing arts venues it is one of the US’s most important cultural hotspots.


With Bostonites claiming the second highest levels of Irish heritage in the US and also being home to some of the country’s most famous breweries, this is certainly a good choice for March 17th. Celebrations include live Irish music at Faneuil Hall where you can also join an organised pub crawl. Alternatively, map out your own pub crawl of the city’s most loved Irish bars. Boston also hosts a famous parade, the South Boston Parade, which starts with a celebration of the city’s brave police and fire officers at South Diner.


This city makes a serious commitment to celebrating Irish Heritage by dying the Chicago River green each year in honour of the Irish national colour. A three-hour parade takes place in the afternoon and, as with all these cities, the partying goes on until late into the night.

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