Your guide to Christmas in New York

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When it comes to Christmas, there’s no place like home – that is unless you’ve got the chance to visit New York. The iconic city transforms during the festive season to offer all sorts of delights even a self-confessed Scrooge couldn’t resist. Of course, there shouldn’t be a problem getting hold of flights or accommodation during this time of year. This means that, as long as you’ve applied for and been granted an ESTA visa, there’s nothing to stop you from planning your trip to the Big Apple. With this in mind, here’s your guide to Christmas in New York.

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Norway Spruce that sits outside the Rockefeller Center is famous all around the world. Featured in countless films, the tree is an awe-inspiring 75 feet in height and weighs between 12 and 13 tonnes. Having been a staple of the city’s festive season since 1931, this year the tree will be lit up on 29th November. There will then be plenty of time to catch the tree in all its glory all the way through December.

The snow

New York in autumn, summer and spring tends to be rather picturesque. However, there’s no better sight than seeing the concrete jungle under a blanket of snow over Christmas. During December, the Big Apple sees about 4.8 inches of snow on average. Such a manageable amount means that you can still go about exploring the city and possibly even rent a horse and carriage on Central Park.

Ice skating

Wollman Rink is the crème de la crème of Christmas in New York. First operated in 1949, the popular ice rink attracts locals and visitors alike who try their hand at gliding across the slippery surface while wrapped in coats and scarves. It’s a winter wonderland in its own right – and it goes without saying that there’s little to match it on this side of the pond.

The Big Apple awaits!

You’ve got all this and much more to look forward to if you choose to spend Christmas in New York. Don’t forget – you’ll require an ESTA visa before you’re allowed to enter the US, so this should be at the top of your to-do list before you start putting together your itinerary.